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When do you need to see a spine specialist?

Dr. Rappard discusses when you might want to see a spine specialist for your back pain and neck pain. Reasons to see a specialist include severe pain that is not improving, a personal injury case or whiplash injury, neck or back nerve pain, such as sciatica, a neurological impairment and limited activities due to pain. Dr. Rappard also discusses the different types of spine specialists.

The 4 Pillars of Treating Chronic Spinal Pain

George Rappard MD discusses the 4 key pillars of spine care. The 4 pillars are physical therapy and chiropractic care tailored to your condition, appropriate selection of medical therapy, pain injections targeting your specific pain source and, as a last result, minimally invasive motion and stability preserving spinal surgery performed as an outpatient procedure. Through effective use of the first 3 pillars only about 5% of our patients need to go on to have back surgery or neck surgery.

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