The spine provides support and strength to our body, but it is also prone to various illnesses. Individuals who suffer from spinal problems could find the idea of surgery scary, as they often think of a long recovery period and noticeable scarring. However, minimally invasive spine surgeries, also known as MISS, have revolutionized the treatment of spinal disorders by offering a more efficient and hopeful approach. If you are looking for an Alabama minimally invasive spine surgery facility, you can reach out to us at LAMIS Institute.

Understanding An Alabama Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Spine disorders have been recognized as some of the most severe medical problems in history. A complex spine disorder can leave your body incapacitated, hindering your ability to perform once effortless activities. However, the good news is that doctors have always had treatment options available for most spine disorders.

For most of these disorders, open surgery has traditionally been the preferred treatment option. However, for various spine disorders, medical professionals have developed a new and superior alternative to conventional surgery. An increasing number of individuals are now opting for minimally invasive surgery, which is considered safer, more effective, less painful, and less invasive compared to traditional procedures.

If you visit your doctor with a spine ailment, they could suggest either minimally invasive or open spine surgery. The latter involves making small incisions around the affected area, resulting in less damage to your tissues and muscles during the treatment.

The surgeon would make incisions on your back and then use a retractor to tunnel through the damaged area. The necessary instruments for treating your back issue will be passed through this tunnel by the doctor. MISS is an effective method for treating many spine-related complications.

The goals of this type of treatment are as follows:

  • The surgeon removes any tissue that can compress the spine’s nerve structures to decompress it. Compression can occur due to various issues, such as broken bones and herniated discs.
  • To provide stability to the different segments of your spine, surgeons could use a technique that involves reducing movement in the affected area. This can help alleviate back and neck aches that could result from abnormal shifts in multiple segments of the spinal column.

MISS is a technique that skilled surgeons use to perform various treatment procedures, such as foraminotomy, microlaminectomy, and microdiscectomy. The popularity of this treatment method is increasing due to its numerous advantages. However, every patient with a spine-related condition is a suitable candidate for this approach. Therefore, if you are experiencing back pain or have been diagnosed with a spine-related issue, it is advisable to consult with a spine surgeon for proper guidance.

Your physician will examine you before recommending the most suitable, safest, and most effective course of action. Generally speaking, surgeons advise surgery as a last resort after all other forms of treatment and medication have failed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Spine Conditions That Can Be Treated With an Alabama Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

If you are a candidate for MISS, you can expect to experience less pain and have a shorter hospital stay. A skilled minimally invasive spine surgeon can provide appropriate care for various spine conditions, including:

Degenerative Disorder of the Vertebral Discs

It is a mild complication that gradually worsens and affects the discs. This disorder is commonly seen in older adults due to the stiffened discs and decreased flexibility associated with aging. Disc herniation is a treatable result of the structural alterations caused by this disorder, and it can be addressed with MISS.

Herniated Discs

When the fluid inside your disc bursts and spreads to the outside, it causes a condition known as a ruptured or herniated disc. This can result in irritation and inflammation of your spinal nerves, as the leaked gel damages the discs. Consequently, it leads to excruciating back pain.

Sciatica Symptoms

These are the various symptoms you could experience when your sciatic nerve gets compressed. The sciatic nerves connect the leg to the neck and pass through the buttocks. Numbness and pain are signs of nerve damage. Your physician could suggest a course of action to address the compression-related nerve pain and alleviate your associated symptoms.

Spinal Stenosis

It is a spine condition that affects the narrowing of nerve passageways, including the spinal canal. This disorder is more prevalent among older individuals and can cause pain, tingling, and numbness in the affected area.

Spinal Infection

Spinal infections usually occur after surgery. Your vertebral disc is one of the many parts of your spine that can get infected. Your doctor can diagnose and treat a spinal infection after conducting an examination. However, even if you haven't been injured, you could experience pain beforehand. Any pain is always an indication that there is an issue with your spine or the tissues around it.


This condition occurs when the upper vertebrae slide over the lower vertebrae beneath it. The extent of this slide and the force of gravity acting on it play a significant role in determining the severity of the patient's spinal condition.

Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCF)

When you have osteoporosis or have experienced a severe back injury, you could suffer from a VCF. The main symptoms of a fracture is acute and unbearable back pain. Fortunately, surgeons can address this issue using minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Preparing for the Operation

Before undergoing an Alabama minimally invasive spine surgery, you should take the following actions:

  • In the days before your procedure, ensure that your surgeon reviews all the medications you are taking. It could be necessary to discontinue the use of herbal remedies and unnecessary medications, as they could have negative interactions with anesthesia and other prescribed drugs.
  • If you smoke, it's crucial to stop. Consult your doctor for guidance. They can help you understand the medications and programs available to assist you in quitting smoking.
  • Regular exercise is essential for preserving good physical health and muscle mass. It not only helps you heal more quickly but also helps maintain physical fitness.

Your surgeon will require an X-ray or MRI of your spinal column. You will be given antibiotics both before and after the procedure to prevent infections. Your doctor will provide advice on what you should consume on the night following the procedure.

What to Expect From an Alabama Minimally Invasive Surgery

Knowing what to expect from your treatment plan is helpful if you have been diagnosed with a spine problem or are experiencing symptoms of a spine-related ailment. You should consider consulting with a qualified surgeon who specializes in quality Alabama minimally invasive spine surgery. Keep in mind that the discs, nerves, and vertebrae in your spine are deeply interconnected within your body.

To treat you, a physician would need to manipulate the muscles. Surgeons performing minimally invasive spine surgeries need to make small incisions around the affected area to guide their treatment instruments through created tunnels. These surgeons use a variety of techniques to reduce the traumatic experience during the surgical process.

For instance, tubular retractors are used to dilate the tissues in your back, providing access to your muscles. During this procedure, the doctor will utilize small tubes to keep the muscles above your spine in place. Occasionally, endoscopes with a tube-focused objective are used for simpler and more efficient access. Once the treatment is complete, the surgeon removes the retractor, allowing the body tissues and structures to return to their normal positions.

In addition, surgeons use rods and screws to stabilize the spinal column and aid in bone fusion. However, the use of these depends on the specific condition. In traditional surgical procedures, inserting screws requires significant interference with the muscles surrounding the spine. On the other hand, with minimally invasive treatment, the doctor only needs to make a small incision to insert the screws, thus sparing the muscles.

Furthermore, surgeons use X-rays to guide surgical instruments, such as wires, through the skin to the vertebrae. Once the screws and rods are fitted, the physician removes the guiding wires to complete the treatment.

In certain cases, an Alabama minimally invasive spine surgery specialist could opt to access the treatment site through direct lateral routes. If the lumbar spine is affected, the physician will establish access points on the sides of your body to minimize pain. By approaching the treatment site from the side, where muscle blockage is less likely, lateral routes are usually created. During this procedure, you will lie on your side while the surgeon performs the surgery.

To access the treatment site, the surgeon could need to design thoracoscopic routes. This recommendation is based on the specific condition of your spine and the most effective treatment approach. If your doctor believes it is reasonable, they will create thoracoscopic routes on the front of your thorax to access the treatment site.

Traditional spine operation involves making an incision in the chest, which could require some ribs to be removed. However, for this minimally invasive thoracic procedure, the doctor only needs to make tiny incisions to insert cameras to view and treat the affected areas.

Benefits of Choosing Alabama Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

When other forms of therapy, medication, and treatment have failed to produce the desired results, surgery is usually considered as a last resort. This is because surgery, especially spine surgery, carries multiple risk factors and can have long-term negative effects on your overall health.

For patients in need of spine surgery, there are several safer and more effective options available, thanks to medical technology advancements. Both physicians and patients have embraced minimally invasive surgery for a variety of reasons. It is considered a superior treatment option to open surgery due to the following advantages:

Reduced Complication Risks

Many patients find the idea of undergoing spine surgery frightening because of the potential complications that could arise. However, the risk is significantly reduced with MISS, giving you and your doctor the assurance you need to undergo treatment without worry.

The process is less invasive and complex compared to open surgery, as it only requires small skin incisions to reach the treatment site. As a result, your highly sensitive inner structures are not exposed. Additionally, the treatment decreases the risk of spinal infection, muscle damage, and loss of blood.

It's Aesthetically Appealing

After surgery, you could experience severe scarring that will remain on the skin for an extended period. This can negatively impact people's self-worth and image, causing unhappiness. However, with minimally invasive surgery, skin scarring is minimal and could fade away over time. You can be reassured that any scars on your back won't affect your self-esteem.

Faster and Easier Recovery

Compared to open spine surgery, the scars from a MISS procedure heal more quickly. This results in a faster and simpler recovery process. While extended hospital stays are often necessary after surgical treatment, they are not enjoyable for anyone. However, with a minimally invasive procedure, you can expect to resume your normal life more quickly.

Doctors can carry out some procedures outside of a hospital, negating the need for hospitalization. This not only saves you money but also eliminates the need for follow-up visits to the hospital and specialist care expenses.

A Less Traumatic Approach

After undergoing an invasive treatment procedure like open-spine surgery, some individuals could develop trauma. This trauma can have a lasting impact on various aspects of their lives, including their professional and social spheres.

During a MISS procedure, you won't experience any trauma. It is a quick and easy process that involves minimal physical contact with your body. The procedure is designed to minimize the possibility of causing any additional discomfort or making you feel worse.

Less Anesthesia Is Needed

Open spine surgeries require anesthesia, which can potentially cause adverse reactions in certain individuals. Prolonged complications could arise as a result of severe reactions to anesthesia. However, for minimally invasive spine procedures, less anesthesia is required, which indicates a decreased likelihood of complications.

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There are several risks and complications associated with traditional open-spine surgery that can have a permanent impact on your overall health. Therefore, it is important to consider minimally invasive surgery. However, it is necessary to obtain a doctor's recommendation after conducting a thorough examination and reviewing your medical history.

At LAMIS, we conduct comprehensive examinations before suggesting a treatment plan for our patients. Our surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in performing Alabama minimally invasive spine surgery procedures to address specific spine conditions. Call us today at 310-734-6088 to learn more about the range of services we offer.

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