Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that serves as a treatment option for sciatica, radiculopathy, and degenerative disc. The procedure focuses on a heat source or laser technology to reduce the disc material which compresses the spinal cord or the nerves. The traditional and open back surgeries required the surgery to make incisions through the muscle, increasing the risks of tissue damage. But under laser spine surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions. An endoscope or a small metal tube is placed through the incision to allow the surgeon to perform the surgery through the small surface. The procedure has many benefits, including a quick recovery and less pain.

Are you in Los Angeles and want to undergo laser spine surgery? You want to look for a well-experienced surgeon for the best surgical process. At LAMIS Institute, our surgeons have performed numerous surgeries, including laser spine surgery. Our charges are affordable, and our experts are available around the clock. We start by examining whether you are eligible for the procedure. After the procedure, we plan appointments to help monitor your process.

Understanding Laser Spine Surgery

The procedure is a minimally invasive approach to treating several spine diseases. During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions through your skin. The small incisions ensure your soft tissues and muscles are not damaged like in open and traditional surgeries. The cost for the procedure varies from one patient to another based on the nature of their spine condition.

You require the services of well-skilled and experienced surgeons for the most complicated back problems. There is no miracle for many spinal diseases; however, techniques and technology have significantly evolved. Every spinal condition and patient must be well assessed before the procedure. You want to choose an experienced physician in both minimally invasive and traditional approaches.

How to Prepare for the Surgery

The healthcare provider will guide you on what to do and not do on the surgery day or hours before the surgery. The medical experts recommend you eat a balanced diet, stop smoking and stay active to facilitate quick healing after the procedure.

The doctor may also recommend you stop taking certain types of medication. This will ensure you avoid any possible interaction with the anesthesia and excess bleeding during the procedure. Anytime you take medication before the procedure, consult your doctor about over-the-counter prescriptions or other medication for your health safety.

Like other minimal invasive processes, the surgery is usually carried out at the outpatient surgical center or hospital. The surgeon will more likely recommend you go home after the operation. Again, you will be disallowed from driving from the hospital after the procedure. Therefore, you want to arrange your travel early with your family or friends.

To lower the levels of inflammation, you want to minimize stress and prioritize your emotional and mental health. Remember, the healthier you go for your procedure, the faster your rehabilitation and recovery will be. If you have any questions about the procedure, you should ask the doctor before surgery.

What to Expect

The surgery is an invasive procedure for treating back pain. Also, the procedure may be a treatment for radiculopathy, degenerative disc condition, and sciatica. The medical procedure uses laser technology too. The technology reduces the disc material compressing the spinal cord and the nerves.

You and your laser spine surgery surgeon will decide on the surgery. After deciding on the surgery, you may meet the healthcare provider at an outpatient center or the hospital. Ensure you avail yourself earlier than the scheduled time for the surgery. Your physician will have enough time to examine you before the procedure.

Before the Laser Spine Surgery

The health care provider will take you to a pre-operative room and ask you to wear a gown. The medical expert will ask you several questions and briefly examine your past medical history. After examining you, they will ask you to lie on the bed. Next, the doctor will put an IV in your hand or arm to deliver medication and fluids. The surgeon will carry you to and from the operation room.

The surgeon will administer anesthesia. The medical expert can decide to use general anesthesia, ensuring you remain asleep as the surgery occurs. Alternatively, the surgeon may choose regional anesthesia that numbs the affected surface and ensures you do not feel any pain during the procedure.

The surgeon will sterilize your skin on the affected surface. Next, they will use an antiseptic solution to kill bacteria and avoid the potential risks of infections. After sanitizing, the surgeon will cover your body with linen to ensure the affected surface remains clean.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The surgeon will make narrow incisions during the surgery using a scalpel along the spine until they access the nerve with problems. The surgeon inserts an endoscope into the incision. The equipment has a camera to view the inside part of the spine. After locating the problematic disc, the surgeon will insert a laser into the incision and cut the problematic surface. The surgeon will then remove the disc portion and close the incision.

After laser surgery, the healthcare providers will bring you to a recovery room. The healthcare providers will monitor your signs as the anesthesia wears out. After around two hours, you will be able to go home. However, do not drive yourself. Arrange with your family member or friend to drive you after the procedure. Also, do not assume that everything is okay after arriving at your home and start driving. Your surgeon will assess and determine whether you can resume driving.

The Recovery After the Laser Spine Surgery

Since the surgery involves small incisions, the recovery period is shorter than open and traditional surgeries. The surgeon leaves the soft and the muscle tissues surrounding the spine intact, meaning you will recover quickly.

According to the research, many patients go home the same day or one day after the procedure. After you arrive at your home, you need enough rest. You may resume your regular diet once you feel you can.

You may experience mild soreness and pain after the laser spine surgery as the anesthesia starts to wear off. Your doctor will more likely prescribe your certain painkillers or over-the-counter medication. Unlike other surgeries, you will not require heavy pain killers after the invasive procedure.

You need to take care of the wound after arriving at your home. It's normal to see some fluid leaking from the incision. However, you want to call your doctor when you develop or see heavy fluids coming from the incision.

How quickly you resume your daily routine depends on the procedure and your condition. For the first couple of weeks, you will likely miss your work. Full recovery may take around six weeks. Remember, this period is shorter than that of open and traditional surgeries.

Your laser spine surgery surgeon in Los Angeles may also prescribe physical therapy to help you recover properly. The physical therapist will teach the best exercises to help you strengthen the muscles around the spine as you recover during the therapy. The exercises may include stretches, among other exercises, to help you build stamina and strength.

Do You Require Future Surgeries?

Because the procedure involves small incisions, you will have limited chances of experiencing complications. However, the symptoms may persist when you have other issues causing the nerve root to compress. When this is your case, you may require to undergo another surgery. Remember, the surgeon cannot use the laser spine procedure to remove foraminotomies. Also, the surgeon cannot use the procedure to remove bone spurs. So, you will require future surgery when the current process does not help reduce nerve compression.

What are the Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery Over Other Surgeries?

Laser spine surgery comes with numerous benefits compared to open and traditional surgeries. You want to understand the benefits of laser spine surgery over traditional surgeries. You may let your laser spine surgery surgeon in Los Angeles explain before the procedure. The following are the possible benefits associated with laser spine surgery:

  • Pain Relief

The doctor may use laser spine surgery to remove soft tissues compressing the nerve or the spinal cord, providing relief to the patient. As mentioned above, laser spine surgery uses heat to cut the soft tissues and only requires a scalpel when making the small incision, meaning less pain. The incisions are smaller and offer many benefits, including:

  • Lesser blood loss
  • Minimal invisible scars
  • Reduced risks of infections
  • Resume Your Normal Duties Faster

The recovery from open or traditional surgeries could take months or even years. But with laser spine surgery, you can resume your routine as soon as after four to six months. If you have a sedentary job, you may continue the job even after two weeks. Remember that every case is different, meaning the recovery period might be shorter than required. The surgeon will develop your recovery plan based on your condition.

  • No Use of the Traditional Scalpel

The surgery involves a laser instrument that focuses on light to produce heat to perform the procedure. The surgeon controls the light to prevent damaging the surrounding tissues. For the surgeon to complete the surgery, they rely less on traditional instruments used for dissecting and cutting. The traditional surgery instruments complicate the recovery of the patient.

  • Treats Common Neck and Back Conditions

After months or years of medical treatment to relieve neck and back pain, you might not believe a minimal surgical surgery can help you treat many problems. Many surgeons use the laser spine surgery to treat various spine conditions like:

  • Sciatica
  • Pinched nerves
  • Spinal cord tumor
  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • Less Time at the Hospital

The doctor can perform the surgery within a single appointment. The procedure involves using local anesthesia, meaning you can go home the same day of the surgery. However, other factors may also determine your time at the hospital. For example, if you have heavy bleeding after the surgery, you can remain at the facility for the doctor to monitor your situation. Speak with your physician in Los Angeles to help you learn more about the procedure.

What Are The Potential Complications After Laser Spine Surgery?

Like other surgeries, you might experience side effects or complications after undergoing the procedure. The complications will also differ from one patient because every case is unique. The following are the possible complications associated with the surgery:

Inadequate Operation

The main problem with this procedure is that you might have an inadequate operation requiring additional surgery. If you experience leg pain caused by spinal deformity, the procedure may help improve the pain but cannot treat the root cause.

Nerve Damage

In many cases, an experienced surgeon cannot cause nerve damage while performing the procedure. However, inexperienced surgeons may increase the possible chances of nerve or tissue damage. That's why you want to work with our team of experienced surgeons to avoid the chances of facing nerve damage. For the many patients we have treated, we have never experienced any feedback about nerve damage resulting from the procedure.

When Should I Call My Doctor?

Sometimes the symptoms might persist, or you may develop other signs after the surgery. Therefore it's recommended you call your doctor when you notice the following:

  • You experience sharp pain.
  • You experience high levels of fever.
  • When large amounts of fluids start leaking from the incision.

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As discussed above, laser spine surgery is a procedure that treats several spine problems. The procedure focuses on minimizing the disruption of your normal activities. However, the procedure might attract severe complications, especially when performed by inexperienced surgeons. So, consider working with a well-skilled and trained surgeon.

At LAMIS Institute, our certified surgeons perform a comprehensive assessment to determine whether you qualify for the procedure. By working with our surgeons, you rest in the hands of capable professionals. We have successfully treated many patients with similar conditions at a reasonable charge. If you seek to undergo laser spine surgery in Los Angeles, start by calling or visiting our offices. Call us at 310-734-6088, and we will schedule an appointment.

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